Wrought iron candlestick ornaments


Brand: Plant

Utensils type: candle holder

Material: Iron

Packing: Other

Process: Other

Whether patent source: No

Whether to import: No

Size: wrought iron birdcage candlestick-A, wrought iron birdcage candlestick-B, wrought iron double birdcage candlestick-A, wrought iron three-birdcage candlestick-B, suspension candlestick, swing candlestick, triangular cone candlestick, square rhombus Candlesticks, square candlesticks (price models), house candlesticks (price models), square double candlesticks (price models), high and low candlesticks, a box of white candles, a box of pink candles, two boxes of pink candles, three boxes of pink candles, a single house with iron gold candlesticks , Wrought iron gold candlestick double house, collection priority delivery

Whether it is a gift: No

Weight 0.48 kg
Dimensions 270 × 120 × 360 cm



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